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Teambuilding and strategic planning – how to use appraisal interviews?

How the revision of the traditional individual appraisal interviews could be turned into the hub of strategic development in the organisation. Have a preview or buy the full paper, click here.

Higher education in Albania 

A first hand desription of the university area in a European country with a quite different developmental and cultural history. I worked at the Faculty of Law in Tirana for 7 months in the year 2000.

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University Reform in Denmark.
Paper written in cooperation with Niels Grolin, DTU, about the reform in 2003 called “Freedom with responsibility”. The paper was presented at the IMUA-conference in Kingston, Jamaica in January 2003.

Benchmarking in University Administration
A case study about how to use benchmarking as a quality development tool in the area of telephone answering service. The paper was published in “Perspectives” in 1999 and presented at the IMUA-conference in Auckland in June 1999.

Quality development in University Administration
The paper describes my experience with Total Quality Management as a useful method to improve customer and staff satisfaction at the same time. The paper was published in “Tertiary Education and Management” in December 1997.